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With our 30 years in our trade we have throughout the years worked extensively in a long list of different branches. Every branch has its own specific terminology and applies language in a very individual manner. We therefor ensure that with our hand picked native language translators and each customers individual word base that the language application for each customer is maintained over time.

Professional translation

Technical texts are usually very short, precise and unambiguous, so they cannot be misunderstood in any way which could lead to unfortunate situations with risk of liability for damages. Translation of technical texts demands mastering of the technical register, great knowledge and technical insight. Therefore these types of texts are translated by experienced translators, typically with an engineering background and naturally with the  relevant language as their mother tongue.

This technical approach to the assignment means also, that we on occasion can point out technical mistakes in those texts we receive for translation – mistakes, which the client can correct in the home stretch.

as manufacturers there will typically be a fluctuating need for internationalisation of the  companies communication, documentation and marketing.

Depending on the individual needs,together with the company`s contact person we create a team which together can carry out translation of the company`s material on a highly qualified level. Via research, application of professional tools and often a good understanding of the trade or methods, together with discussion with the company and PM, our translators regularly achieve excellent results with the clients texts.


Technical documentation and brochures

Manuals, quick guides or product magazines, which contain directions on how a product should be used, erected or installed, will be treated with great meticulousness. Mechanical, electrical or  unit descriptions can suddenly become very different when they are translated to a language in a different language group. Therefor we insist that our translators within that genre have a background in that country/language which they translate to.

Proofreading and proofreading

We will not compromise with quality or safety. Therefor our prices also cover that there is proofreading carried out by a language colleague other than the translator.

There will also be a proofreading phase with the client or an external resource carried out electronically via Webproof/Frontlab, where the client can add their comments directly into the translated document. Next MSC carries out the language end proofread before the completed document, InDesign, Framemaker Quark, Word or other is returned to the client.

Thereafter the document normally only requires internal type correction before production.

Our shortened electronic process therefor often saves the client a substantial amount of internal handling and effektivises the flow from the finished source text to complete translated text.



Which language?

We translate amongst others to and from English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Urdu, Arabic – in brief all the worlds languages.

Below you can see a selection of the technical texts, we specialise in:

  • Construction instruction
  • Safety regulations
  • Product magazines
  • Product guides
  • Technical manuals

Lawyer/jurisprudence/law- legal translation

Competent translators

Legal translations cover a broad spectrum of documents and are often recognisable by the special legal terminology and a composition level, where everything is described as detailed and specific as possible. The result is often a very heavy and elaborate style, which can be extremely difficult to understand. Our authorised translators are, due to their education, completely conversant with the legal register. Besides this they are completely familiar with the individual countries laws, regulations and legal systems and can carry out the necessary comparisons, so that the text cannot be misunderstood in the recipients legal system.

There is always proofreading

We do not compromise with quality and proficiency. Therefore our prices also cover proofreading carried out by a language colleague other than the translator.

Which language?

We translate to and from English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Urdu, Arabic – basically all the worlds languages.


Legal translations are always carried out by our states authorised translators, even on those occasions when it is not necessary to verify and legalise the material. If a verified translation shall subsequently be legalised in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and possibly in another country`s embassy we shall also take care of that.


Your confidential documents shall of course be handled with full discretion and our translators are subject to a duty of confidentiality. Your legal texts are always in safe hands with MSC.

Below you can see a selection of the legal and economic texts that we specialise in:

  • Contracts, such as employment contracts and sales agreements
  • Transcripts from the Danish Business Authority
  • Regulations and accounts
  • Judicial documents
  • Family law documents, including testaments, prenuptial agreements and death certificates

Advertising  / communication / marketing Creative translation – Marketing

A creative translation is not just ” plain sailing”.

When preparing a creative text it is normal to spend a long time on word play, approach, associations and so on. Many drafts end up in the waste paper basket, and then its back to the beginning again.

Subsequently the text shall “just” be translated – but the translator must go through exactly the same considerations as the original text writer and even faces new challenges. He/she must on the one side be true to the original text and on the other side solve new problems, for example when the word play and associations which are employed in the original text cannot really be translated into the new language.

Therefore creative translation can be a time-consuming process, which places great demands on the translator – who shall naturally translate to their own mother tongue! A Dane, who is skilled in a foreign language, cannot juggle the words and catch all the nuances in the same brilliant manner as a native.

There is always proofreading

We do not compromise with quality and proficiency. Therefore our prices also include proofreading carried out by a language colleague other than the translator.

Which languages?

We translate to and from English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Urdu, Arabic – basically all the worlds languages.

Below you can see a selection of the creative texts, we are specialists in:

  • Tourist brochures
  • Hotel descriptions and menu
  • Interior design catalogues
  • LinkedIn-profiles

How do you translate: …. to live like a Lord…or…she is a girl with a mind of her own…?

Medicine/research Medicinal translation


Translation for use in the medical world and pharmaceutical industry demands special professional competences. The translator must be specialised in the stringent discipline of being 100% precise. There is no room for word play here. To ensure clarity and precision it is necessary to translate with pin point precision, both regarding the pharmacologic terms, but also and not least concerning application, dosing, application instructions and descriptions of side effects. Here a translation mistake can literally be a question of life and death.

One example we came across, which could have had far reaching consequences, was linked to a piece of equipment used for heart surgery, where the original translator (our clients business connection in the recipient country) had by accident omitted a word. The text then read:”The tube must be inserted directly into the heart ventricle” – it should have read “the tube must NOT be inserted directly into the heart ventricle……”

Normally we do not proofread the clients own text unless it is requested, but in this case it was shown to be an especially sensible precaution.

Research and Periodicals.

Our team has also been involved in translation of research projects. In that connection we have , amongst others, assisted in quality assurance of the didactic level in patient communication with the help of “Forward-Backward” translation.

Researchers work is often published in international publications where the Danish research results must be presented technically correct, in for example, English. We keep a firm grasp on the linguistic transformation together with our experienced partners, who have this area as their specialty.

Patient journals

Diagnoses from doctors and specialists made at foreign hospitals for use by pension funds and insurance providers shall commonly be made available in Danish. Our authorized translators who specialise in the health area ensure a technically competent translation, which can also be legalised in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs if the translation shall be utilised by foreign institutions.

Homepage text

Translation of texts for homepages can sometimes be a laborious process. We have integrated tools for handling of texts from the most commonly used homepage systems, amongst others, WordPress. We take care that similar content, Meta descriptions, Title and Meta tags, landing pages, product descriptions, and so on are translated Google-friendly. Together with the translator and client we are contributory in keeping with Googles sharp demands on length of the different elements.

Your SEO optimised homepage text will be translated, so that it opens the door to the target language market just as effectively as the original side did. The target language users culture and demeanor is captured by our experienced mothers tongue translators and incorporated completely naturally into the translation.

As the clients dedicated homepage translator we ensure an uniform use of terminology throughout the whole of the clients homepage which raises credibility of the clients product or service.


Denmark as an agricultural land is dotted with companies who have specialised in production and development of machinery and other products related to agriculture. MSC Translation has through the years helped many of these with translating brochures, manuals and homepages, so that their sales are presented just as professionally as their products.

Machines which shall be sold in a foreign market achieve great gains from being marketed in the local language. If there is a choice to be made between comparable products in Poland it will be the product with Polish operation and maintenance instructions which will be most often chosen. With our many years of experience within agricultural technical translations, we can also be your steadfast partners when the product shall break through in other markets.

That the language and a correct understanding can be decisive for a whole branch, almost a complete country even, became apparent when it was shown that the Water Framework Directive had been incorrectly translated in 2014. The incorrect translation imposed stronger demands on Danish farmers than was intended and therefore reduced their competitiveness.

The link to an article about the aforementioned:



Trade with products within the foodstuff sector demands precise translations of declarations and contents tables. Transnational regulations, laws and rules should be nationalised so that they still abide by the respective authorities demands.

Our clients within this sector have through many years with great integrity found our work with set translators to be especially valuable to each and every one of them.

Authorities, suppliers,boutiques and producing/importing companies, each with their own missions, are all dependent on the correct linguistic communication.


Translation of texts to citizens and tourists dealing with a municipalities offers or cultural institutions arrangements require that the translator is capable of, in clear and easily understandable language, to communicate both the pure content, and equally important, to capture and incorporate the spirit of the message within the translation.

MSC Translations` translation corps, which are employed in these assignments are always resident translators, who have both the Danish culture and their own native culture under their skin. This ensures in the best possible manner that the translation communicates the authors original message into the new language.

We have translated varied sectors such as: Municipality homepages, brochures for museums, local tourist guides and exhibition texts for museums.


When the clients texts fall under these categories we bring out our most creative translators. Often it is the descriptive and pictorial texts that are to be created. It is often the clients very personal views that are to be captured by the translator and transformed into another language culture, This process requires anything but a 1 on 1 type translation as Danish expressions or terms are often not found in, for example, English, and require rewriting in a suitable English cultural expression. This requires more than a passing knowledge of the English language. With an in depth knowledge of the languages cultural variations, phrases and adages our hand picked translators have these competences, whether it is British, American or another regions language. They will be capable of transferring the Danish sentiment of what you will say into a foreign language, as this is essential if the recipient is to understand and place their selves into the universe you wish to convey a message to.






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