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Medical translation

Medicine – research

Translation for use in the medical world and medicinal products industry requires special professional expertise. The translator must be specialised  in the stringent discipline of “being 100% precise”.  No word play is permitted here. To ensure clarity and precision it is necessary to translate with absolute accuracy, not just concerning pharmacological terminology, but also, and just as importantly, in terms of application, dosing, application instructions and explanation of side effects. Here a translations mistake can literally become a matter of life and death.

One example we met, which could have had far reaching consequences, was linked to a piece of equipment used for heart surgery, where the original translator (our clients business connection in the recipient country) had by accident omitted a word. The text then read:”The tube must be inserted directly into the heart ventricle” – it should have read “the tube must NOT be inserted directly into the heart ventricle……”

Normally we will not proofread the clients own texts, unless we are requested to do so, but in this case it showed itself to be an especially sensible precaution.

Research and Publications

Our team has also been involved in translating research projects. In connection with this we have amongst other, participated in quality assurance of the instructive level in patient communication with help from “Forward-Backward” translation.

Researchers` work is often published in international publications where the Danish research results must be presented professionally correct in, for example, English. We keep a firm hold of the lingual transformation together with our experienced partners, who have this area as their specialty.

Patient journals

Diagnoses from doctors and specialists taken in foreign hospitals for use by pension funds and insurance companies must usually be made available in Danish. Our authorised translators with expertise in the medical field ensure a professionally competent translation, which can also be legalised in the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs if the translation is potentially to be utilised by foreign institutions.





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