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SMC Pneumatik A/S

From the publication of our Danish product catalogue, MSC has been a hub in connection with translation, adjusting and editing in InDesign.

Co-operation is carried out in 2 steps, where the translation is the first and is followed up with the process of correction and replacing pictures and illustrations. At completion MSC delivers a complete file for print.

Throughout the whole process it has been possible to come with new input which MSC welcomed and implemented immediately.

We can warmly recommend MSC as a partner for cooperation with this type of project.

Ole Jørgensen
 SMC Pneumatik A/S, Horsens, DK

Howden Axial Fans ApS.

In connection with our project in Turow, Poland MSC has assisted with translation of the complete documentation.

We delivered all the English documents electronically and hereafter MSC handled the translation of the complete manual, CAD-drawings and parts lists.

The manual became a purely Polish edition, while the CAD-drawings were issued as English/Polish, that`s to say that the Polish text was inserted alongside the English text.

The co-operation was carried out without a hitch and we are very satisfied with the result.

Michael Hviid,
Howden Axial Fans ApS., Næstved, DK

WOCA Denmark

When we commenced with redesigning our product documentation we decided to contact MSC translation. By choosing one place for coordinating translation into many languages, we ensured that the language would be identical and that all labels and descriptions would contain the same literal content.


Annette Daugaard Jensen,
WOCA Denmark, Lunderskov, DK

Veksø A/S

We have good communication with MSC concerning deadlines and what in reality can be achieved. And what you promise, you deliver too. I have also on several occasions experienced an extra service, when it has been a little rushed on our side, which resulted in a few minor mistakes in the text. You carried out the corrections for us at no extra expense.

Louise dal Cowen,
Veksø A/S, DK

Stormes Grafisk

Our challenge is, that we alone are not capable of communicating professionally in other languages. Therefore it is totally natural for us to team up with a company like MSC Translation. Many clients believe that they can cope with the text and translation assignments. This is unfortunate as often the end product is of a lower quality than is possible. We are very positive about our cooperation with MSC.

Mette Stormes,
Stormes Grafisk, DK

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